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Welcome To Lake Point Utah

E. T. City

Lake Point became an incorporated City in 2022 and is located on the south shore of the Great Salt Lake in Tooele County. Lake Point was originally settled in 1854 under the name of E.T. City, in 1923 it was renamed Lake Point.

A message from a
City Council Member

Lake Point is an awesome place to experience.  Throughout the year, gorgeous sunsets embellish the scenery, with the majestic Great Salt Lake in the foreground.   Our residents create a beautiful community of caring individuals.  Many who have decided to call Lake Point their home for a time have fond memories of being here.  Don’t be surprised when you visit Lake Point, that people you don’t even know may kindly wave to you.

Lake Point is continuing to grow.  Growth comes from new move-ins, past residents returning, and even those who were raised in Lake Point deciding to raise their own family here.  Lake Point now has the opportunity to continue holding onto its rich heritage, as it transitions to a city.  To keep the feel of Lake Point intact, we will need to preserve our past, continue our annual traditions, and still welcome all who come here.  With your help, Lake Point will continue to be awesome.

Jonathan Garrard

Lake Point City
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